Mental Health Tips

by Kassandra Lamb ~ My life-calling has been to help people live happier, healthier lives. First, I did that directly as a psychotherapist. Then as a college professor, I tried to do more than just teach my students about psychology; rather, I tried to guide them toward better mental health by applying an understanding of the human brain and psyche to their own lives.

Mental Health Tips
Mental Health: a healthy brain and psyche

Since retirement, I’ve been indulging my love of writing in a third career, but even there, my books tend to have psychological themes.

And in this blog, I’ve been striving through the years to pass on what I know about the human psyche, so that my readers can benefit from that knowledge in real-life, practical ways.

With that in mind, I’ve developed these topic pages on the mental health subjects that have been the most popular with our blog readers.

So here are pages on Stress Management (including Coping with Christmas) and Relationships. I’d also encourage you to check out this post on conflict resolution. (It’s not my model—I stole it from someone else—but it is excellent.)

Also, you might want to check out these posts on Happiness and Self-Esteem (and How to Change Your Self-Esteem Filters and Recovery from Perfectionism).

And these posts on Emotions and Inner Beauty vs. Jealousy, and these on Guilt and Shame.

To find even more posts on mental health, go to our archives for the categories, Mental Health Musings and Understanding Psychological Disorders.

We also have topic pages on True Crime and Criminals, including The Making of a Psychopath. And soon we hope to gather our group wisdom regarding the writing process into a page on that topic.