The Tell-Tale Bark ~ Prequel for the Marcia Banks and Buddy Mysteries

The Tell-Tale Bark ~ Prequel for the Marcia Banks and Buddy Mysteries

This novelette tells the tale of Marcia Banks's first few weeks in Florida...

From her first meeting with her two-legged best friend, Becky, to her first encounter with her four-legged best friend, Buddy.

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About the Book

Her “fresh start” in the Sunshine State isn’t going according to plan…

After a messy divorce, Marcia Banks impulsively moves to Florida, praying her interview to become a service dog trainer goes well. But car trouble has her arriving in a shadowy parking lot at one a.m., where she and her new neighbor, Becky—who’s coming home from a regrettable date—rescue each other.

She’s made a friend, but things go south from there. Random noises, a drunken landlord, and a murder—followed by a late-night trip to the police station for Becky and herself. All before she’s finished unpacking her meager belongings.

Plus, her family’s deceased spaniel is haunting her dreams. Wearing Marcia’s late father’s herringbone cap, Frannie admonishes her to find some phantom dog “before it’s too late.”

Can Marcia make sense of these dreams, or will her new friendship and her fresh start both come to an abrupt end?

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