One Gun

One  Gun
Genre: Mystery
Tag: Standalones by Vinnie
ISBN: 1947287257

How much havoc can one gun wreak?

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About the Book

How much havoc can one gun wreak?

When Vivi and Ben Russo startle a burglar in their home, the young man flees. Ben gives chase. The thief pulls a weapon, aims it at his heart, and threatens to kill him. He doesn’t squeeze the trigger.

The burglar is later arrested, but not before he hides the gun. Facing a possible weapons charge that could add ten years to his sentence, he enlists outside cohorts to pick up his stash. His plan comes at a price that escalates toward personal tragedy.

Vivi and Ben, intent on seeing the thief prosecuted for armed robbery rather than a non-violent burglary, search for the weapon, putting themselves on a collision course with the burglar’s accomplices.

But two tweeners stumble upon the gun first.

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