Missing in the Dark

Missing in the Dark
Series: Frankie O'Farrell Mystery Series, Book 2
Genre: Mystery

Frankie O’Farrell tracked down one missing woman, but can she do it again?

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About the Book

Frankie is finishing up a book tour for her successful true crime novel, when Aaron Walker approaches her, pleading for her help in finding his wife and daughter, who both disappeared two years ago. Frankie doesn’t want to give Aaron false hope, but the more she investigates, the more she’s convinced his wife and daughter didn’t leave of their own free will.

The search takes Frankie to a small Florida town where one woman was murdered and another is now missing, and where everyone seems to be harboring a secret. Suspects abound and so do the threats to Frankie’s life. Evidence is pointing to a budding serial killer in Crystal River, but is the same person also responsible for Quinn’s and Gracie’s disappearance? Frankie’s gut says yes.

Can Frankie uncover the truth about the missing and murdered women? And will this lead her to answers about Quinn and Gracie? Or will closing in on the killer make Frankie the next target?

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