Series: Kate Huntington Mystery Series, Book 2
Genre: Mystery
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About the Book

Kate Huntington, widowed while pregnant with her daughter, knows she never would have made it through the last year without the support of her closest friends, Rob and Liz Franklin. So when Rob’s great aunt, a best-selling author of historical romances, is accused of plagiarism and Rob asks for Kate’s help, she can’t possibly say no.

He’s in the middle of a major custody case and his octogenarian aunt has to be in New York to meet with her publishers in two days. He asks Kate to chauffeur Aunt Betty to this meeting and help her cope with the messy business.

But when Kate arrives at Betty Franklin’s retirement community in Lancaster, PA, she discovers things have gotten a lot messier. Betty’s accuser is dead and the local police detective is giving off signals that he thinks Betty is the murderer.

Unfortunately the pool of suspects is huge. Just about every resident at The Villages had reason to dislike the victim. When Kate and her friends start asking questions, they begin to have ‘accidental’ brushes with death themselves. Somebody doesn’t like that they are poking around in people’s pasts. Meanwhile the elderly residents are continuing to die off, and not from old age.

Things become even more complicated when Kate is amazed to discover her interest in romance may be coming back to life, despite the fact that she still talks to her beloved Eddie in her head. Two men ask her out in as many days. She tells them both no, it’s still too soon after her husband’s death, but she has trouble denying her growing attraction to one of them. When Rob arrives, still in stress overload from his tough case, he doesn’t handle the situation well. Could he be jealous?

As they attempt to narrow down the field of suspects and stop a murderer before he or she kills again, Kate begins to fear what this whole mess might end up costing her… a second chance at love, her friendship with Rob, the life of someone she holds dear, or maybe even her own

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