(DWIB2) Shaman’s Bane, A Witches of Doyle In-Between #2 by KIRSTEN WEISS

(DWIB2) Shaman’s Bane, A Witches of Doyle In-Between #2 The Witches of Doyle In-Betweens are "written" by Karin Bonheim, a fictional romance writer and witch who inhabits the world of Kirsten Weiss’s Doyle Witch Cozy mystery series: Bound, Ground, Down, and Spirit on Fire. ~~ Katherine never expected to become a shaman for a pack of werewolves, but when she needed a place to shelter for a while, it seemed her best option. But now the pack leader who recruited her has been murdered and every alpha in the pack wants her to pick his replacement yesterday. To top it all off, she desperately wants to give in to her desire to have scorching sex with Dean, the late leader’s son and her boss. Nope, nothing complicated here… The only thing Dean wants more than finding his father’s killer is to make love to Katherine. In a tree, on the beach, bent over his desk at the bar where they work. But she’s holding something important back, even as their lives—and the pack—are threatened by the murderer. Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!