(KH2) ILL-Timed Entanglements, A Kate Huntington Mystery, #2 by KASSANDRA LAMB

(KH2) ILL-Timed Entanglements, A Kate Huntington Mystery, #2 No good deed goes unpunished! When Kate Huntington agrees to help Rob Franklin’s elderly aunt with a problem, the “problem” ends up dead and Kate ends up in the middle of a police investigation. As she and her friends wade through a brimming pool of suspects–some of whom have secrets they would prefer stay buried–Kate finds it hard to deny her growing attraction to another party in the investigation. But it’s too soon; she is still grieving for her beloved Eddie. Then Rob surprises everyone when his reaction to this potential romance is both intense and negative. Is he just trying to keep his friend from getting hurt, or could he possibly be jealous? As the residents of The Villages retirement community continue to die off, and not from natural causes, the question soon becomes not just whether they will find the killer, but at what cost?