(KH4) Celebrity Status, A Kate Huntington Mystery, #4 by KASSANDRA LAMB

(KH4) Celebrity Status, A Kate Huntington Mystery, #4
Kate is now married to Skip Canfield, the man who has patiently courted her through the last two books in the series, and life is good. Skip’s private investigating agency, Canfield and Hernandez, may be doing a little too well, however. They've attracted their first celebrity client, a pop singer whose anonymous stalker has a twisted concept of love. Before Skip realizes just how twisted, he involves first his psychotherapist wife and then their lawyer friend, Rob Franklin, in the case. Soon they are being hounded by paparazzi and someone is planting evidence to convince Skip that Kate and Rob are lovers. As they try to cope with this onslaught of unwanted attention and a stalker who will stop at nothing to remove the obstacles in his path, Kate and Skip struggle with the reality that you can’t always keep those you love from harm.