(KH7) Fatal Forty-Eight, A Kate Huntington Mystery, #7 by KASSANDRA LAMB

(KH7) Fatal Forty-Eight, A Kate Huntington Mystery, #7 Celebration turns to nightmare when psychotherapist Kate Huntington's guest of honor disappears en route to her own retirement party. Kate's former boss, Sally Ford, has been kidnapped by a serial killer who holds his victims exactly forty-eight hours before killing them. With time ticking away, the police allow Kate and her P.I. husband to help with the investigation. The FBI agents involved in the case have mixed reactions to the "civilian consultants." The senior agent welcomes Kate's assistance as he fine-tunes his psychological profile. His voluptuous, young partner is more by the book. While she locks horns out in the field with Kate's husband, misunderstandings abound back at headquarters. But they can ill afford these distractions. Sally's time is about to expire.