Misterio press is dedicated to producing top-quality books and stories to feed the voracious appetites of mystery fans around the world. Our authors are amongst the best in the genre today and each of our releases is carefully monitored throughout the editing, proofreading and formatting process to guarantee our readers a seamless and truly enjoyable reading experience.

Terms and Conditions For Our Blog

 We like to keep things friendly and informal here at misterio press but due to the global nature of the Internet and the litigious nature of some individuals, we feel it is necessary to include these Terms & Conditions for use of this website/blog.

By visiting https://www.misteriopress.com, you are consenting to our Terms & Conditions (hereafter referred to as the TOC).

Nature and purpose of this website/blog: It is our intention here at https://www.misteriopress.com (hereafter referred to in these TOC as this website/blog) to provide the reader of the blog with interesting and entertaining information and to showcase our authors’ publications.

This website/blog is operated by misterio press, LLC, which is duly registered and certified as a limited liability company in the State of Florida. Any and all legal actions involving misterio press, LLC (hereafter referred to as misterio) or this website/blog must be filed and adjudicated in the courts of Alachua County, Florida.

This is a group blog and any of the misterio authors may post at times, and we may also occasionally invite others to guest post on the website/blog. Anyone posting on this website/blog (hereafter referred to as bloggers) is expressing their own knowledge, beliefs and opinions in their posts. Therefore, the content of any individual blogger’s post should not be construed to reflect the beliefs and opinions of misterio nor of the other misterio members/authors.

The content of blog posts are intended to be informative, helpful and entertaining. Misterio will not knowingly allow any blogger to post false or defaming information on the website/blog and it is every misterio blogger’s intent to be honest and forthright in their blog posts. However, we are all human and people can mis-speak, be misinformed or have their intended message misconstrued by the reader.

Advice given on this website/blog is intended to be general advice. It may not work for all people under all circumstances. The content of this website/blog should never substitute for consultation with a medical, legal, mental health or other appropriate professional who can assess your individual circumstances and give more tailored advice.

Limits on liability and DMCA take down procedure regarding the website/blog: You, the reader and user of this website/blog, agree to hold misterio press, LLC, and its members, authors and bloggers harmless for any and all liability for damages, real or perceived, direct or indirect, monetary or of any other nature that may have resulted from reading this website/blog and/or following any advice given by any blogger on this website/blog.

If anyone quotes or re-blogs all or any part of this website/blog’s posts, misterio, its members, authors and bloggers will not be held liable for any misrepresentations caused by said quotes or re-blogs (i.e., we cannot be held responsible for someone misquoting us or taking our material out of context) and any consequences to the users of any site that quotes or re-blogs our material will be the sole responsibility of the owner(s) of that site. Use of any advice or content in that quoted or re-blogged material will be governed by these same TOC stated here.

We also never intentionally use copyrighted material without the author’s/owner’s express permission and all pictures, graphs or photographs, etc. used on our blog are either our own creations or material that we have good reason to believe is in the public domain or is available for use under a Creative Commons license. Since the blog itself is free to the public any Creative Commons licensed materials used in blog posts should not be considered to be commercial use of those materials. We strive always to give appropriate credit for all materials used.

If you believe that any content on this website/blog represents a copyright infringement please contact both the webmaster, Shannon Esposito (soespo@gmail.com) and the blog coordinator, Kassandra Lamb (lambkassandra3@gmail.com) immediately. Unless we are totally positive that there has been no copyright violation, we will remove the contested material while the infringement claim is being investigated.

We cannot however always vet or control the content of commenters on the website/blog. Therefore any liability regarding copyright issues is limited strictly to the content posted by us and not to the content of comments. We will, however, remove any comment that is reported to us as being a potential copyright infringement.

You, the user of this website/blog, agree and warrant that you will not post any inappropriate or illegal material on this website/blog nor to do anything illegal or anything that could cause harm to others through this website/blog. Misterio, its members, authors and bloggers will not be liable for any harm caused by users of this website/blog.

Misterio uses appropriate industry-standard measures to protect this website/blog from hackers, but again nothing is perfect. Therefore, you the user agree that you are visiting/using this website/blog at your own risk and you will hold misterio and this website/blog harmless for any and all liability for damages caused by viruses, malware, etc. that you believe may have infected your computer equipment due to your use of this site.

Copyright of comments: When you the user/visitor leave comments on any posts on this website/blog you are thereby granting misterio, its members, authors and bloggers the nonexclusive and perpetual right to refer to or quote any part of your comment, with or without credit (i.e., to protect your privacy or to avoid defamation we may quote the comment anonymously, but still identify it as a comment left on our blog).

The Nature and purpose of misterio press: misterio press is a small indie press that operates as an author cooperative. Authors are allowed to join by invitation only and the criteria for membership is that they are primarily mystery/thriller writers and that their writing is high quality. We do not discriminate against anyone due to any criteria that is not related to their writing. While all work that comes out under the misterio press imprint is carefully reviewed for errors and for quality of writing, the authors retain creative freedom regarding the content of their work. Therefore all of our authors have signed hold harmless agreements and misterio press and its other authors are not liable for the content of any author’s individual work.

Copyright of our content on this website/blog: https://www.misteriopress.com contains intellectual property owned by misterio press LLC and/or its members/authors including trademarks, trade dress, copyrights, proprietary information and other intellectual property. You may not modify, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale of, create derivative works from, distribute, display, reproduce or perform, or in any way exploit in any format whatsoever any of the content of this website/blog, in whole or in part without our prior written consent.

Misterio and its bloggers do hereby grant other blogs/websites the right to link to our site, and/or to re-blog our blog posts as long as misterio press and the author of the post are properly credited for the material and it is indicated in the re-blog that the material is copyrighted.

All books/stories exhibited on this website are copyrighted as are all book cover images, and all photographs that belong to individual members/authors of misterio. These photographs/book cover images cannot be used by others without the express written permission of the owner of the copyright of that material, nor can any portion of the books/stories exhibited on this site be reproduced in any way, shape, or form without the author’s express written permission. Exceptions would be very short excerpts used in book reviews and reproduction of book cover images for the purpose of accompanying book reviews. This is the only exception.


Should any part of these TOC be deemed by local, state or federal stature or by a court of law to be unenforceable, said ruling will apply only to that part and all other terms and conditions spelled out here shall remain in force.

To put all this in simpler language:

We at misterio press promise to be honest, forthright and benevolent in our intentions to the best of our human ability and to never intentionally cause harm or infringe on anyone’s rights.

You, the user/reader, agree not to sue us unless we have actually and intentionally done something wrong, and to not steal our stuff!

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