2 Tasty Off-Week Tidbits: The Writer’s in Charge, Right? and How Not to Write a Police Procedural

by Kassandra Lamb ~ I’ve got two great off-week tidbits for you all today. Last week, I was a guest on Barb Taub’s delightful blog. I had a lot of fun with this post, The Writer’s in Charge, Right? It talks about how characters take on a life of their own, and sometimes wrestle the reins right out of the writer’s hands.

Barb paired my post with her review of Lethal Assumptions, my latest release. And Barb being Barb, the review is full of her fantastic humor.

And the same day that she posted my guest post and the review, she wrote her own post, giving us her hysterically funny take on the main tropes of a police procedural! Check out that post ~ How to write a police procedural. Or not…

And then enjoy my guest post and Barb’s fun review. Here’s a little bit of the post below…

The Writer’s In Charge, Right? Guest Post by @KassandraLamb PLUS #Bookreview of Lethal Assumptions 

We authors may have given birth to our characters, but once we breathe a bit of life into them, look out!

All too often, they have a mind of their own, and there is no stopping them.

I discovered this right away in my writing career.

In Book 1 in my Kate Huntington series, (Spoiler Alert!) Kate’s husband is killed by an attack meant for Kate. And Rose Hernandez, a compact (i.e, short but not to be trifled with) rookie cop, is assigned as her “police protection.”

In reality, Rose’s detective boss expects her to spy on Kate and her best friend, lawyer Rob Franklin, whom he’s convinced are lovers intent on knocking off both their spouses.

Rose was meant to be a minor character, with a few lines…in ONE scene!

Next thing I know, she’s developed an intense sense of duty and loyalty—not to the police department, but to the concept of  “protect and serve.” And she’s decided to defy her boss and help Kate and her friends. She goes on to be an important secondary character throughout the series.

And then there is the bodyguard that Kate’s friend Rob hires to protect her…

Again, a minor character, I thought. Ha! READ MORE…

Posted by Kassandra Lamb. Kassandra is a retired psychotherapist turned mystery writer. She is the author of the Kate Huntington psychological mysteries, set in her native Maryland, and the Marcia Banks and Buddy cozy mysteries, set in Central Florida. Plus she has started a new police procedural series, also set in Florida—The C.o.P. on the Scene mysteries. And she writes romantic suspense under the pen name of Jessica Dale.

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