Write In Your Own Backyard

Finding inspiration "write in your own backyard."
Luna Moth in Liz’s backyard

Write” in your own backyard, there may be ideas, themes, stories to tell…

One of the most common questions writers get is “Where do your ideas come from?”

Well, our newest writer, Liz Boeger, shows us how to find inspiration “write in your own backyard.” READ MORE

And another of our newish writers has her first book coming out under our imprint. Check it out!!

Shooting Star, A Nikki Latrelle Mystery

When Nikki’s ex-lover Will hires her to protect the horses used to film a movie at Santa Anita Racetrack, she learns evil is alive and well in Hollywood.

Keeping Thoroughbreds safe from a director who doesn’t know a horse from a hamster is tricky. More difficult are the unresolved feelings between Nikki and Will, especially when sexy, young movie star, Jamie Jackson, sets his sights on Nikki.

But when a sniper’s bullet shatters the brain of a cameraman close enough that she can smell his blood, Nikki’s need to protect overrides everything. Her sleuthing unearths a trail of corruption and when she must lie to Will to protect his life, she’s on her own. Can she identify the evil behind the scenes before she and Will become the next victims? Shooting Star is the fifth rocket-paced story in the award-winning Nikki Latrelle mystery series. If you like protagonists with heart and courage, unexpected twists, and a thrill ride to the finish, you’ll love Shooting Star.


Plus, don’t forget to grab a copy of Kirsten Weiss’s newest book, Unbound ~ Reduced During Preorder!

In this crossover novel, her protagonist from the Riga Hayworth mysteries joins forces with the Doyle Witches. It’s a great addition to both series!

We have more new books coming out this summer, including Liz’s debut novel, ChainLinked! So stay tuned!!

Unbound, A Doyle Witch Cozy Mystery #10

Three Witches and a Metaphysical Detective…

Riga just wants to mentor three young witches and go home. Doyle witch Jayce wouldn’t take help if it landed on her. But when a man is murdered in front of their eyes, these two must learn to work together. Because a dead man is the least of their worries…

Jayce Bonheim loves magic and Doyle, California. But she and her small town have been paying a deadly price for the fairy gate she and her sisters can’t close. Now, a society of dark magicians has returned to town, a deadly winged monster has come through the gate, and an old friend has been murdered. And the new mentor who’s supposed to help Jayce and her sisters seems to have an agenda of her own…

It was supposed to be a simple training gig for Riga Hayworth, not a murder investigation. Still reeling from a tragic mistake in her past, she’s determined to stay retired. But the murder and the town’s magic seem tied together. Can Riga resist the lure of an investigation?

A thrilling and funny paranormal mystery, packed with magic, mystery, and murder. Perfect for fans of Mercy Thompson, Supernatural, and Charlaine Harris.

$1.00 off During Preorder ~ Just $3.99 ~ Releases 6/30/21


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