Our November Contest and Other Off-Week Goodies

by Kassandra Lamb

Our November contest — “Fall” in Love with Reading — has started. Prizes are this cute tote bag and four ebooks.

our November contest
our November contest

Click HERE for more details and to Enter!

Writers (and maybe Readers too), you may find this interesting.

I guest-posted last Thursday on Janice Hardy’s Fiction University, about how to write light (as in cozies or light romance) without it just being “fluffy.”

Check the post out Here!

Coming up soon…

And as we approach the holidays—which may be more stressful than usual this year as we adjust plans for family gatherings and such—I am revisiting and refreshing, adding to, etc. a series of posts about relationships. I figure we can use all the help we can get in that department as we’re feeling the strain during this way-too-eventful year.

So stay tuned! Next week, a post on some myths about and challenges to long-term relationships.

Followed by an all new post on the four things that will destroy a relationship and the four ways to counter those factors!

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