An Off-Week Goodie: Are You an Intuitive Writer? (next week~Magic!!)

During this off week for our blog, we thought we’d share a recent article written by our own Gilian Baker on overcoming writer’s block if you are an intuitive writer.

From Fiction University a couple of weeks ago, The Best-Kept Secret “Real” Writers Use to Crush Writer’s Block

If you’re having trouble following the rules like “you must have an outline” or “you should write every day,” you might be an Intuitive writer.

Using personality theory and brain science to explain how Intuitives need to take a completely different approach to writing, this article gives specific tips for breaking through writer’s block and becoming a “real” writer. READ MORE

And be sure to watch out for next week’s post by Kirsten Weiss, on MAGIC!! What it is, how it works…

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