Doggie Doings Over Christmas Break

by Kassandra Lamb

Our blog is officially on hiatus over the holidays, but I thought I’d divert you to a fun post on my site about a dog’s view of the world. Plus below are some YouTube renditions of some of my fave Christmas songs, to keep you humming your way through the holiday season!

A Dog’s Dictionary to Describe the World

I took my dog for a walk the other day. And as I was dragging him away from his fascination with a crumpled leaf in the road, I thought about how the world must seem to our dogs.

As we walked around the neighborhood, this “dictionary” of doggie views of the world came to me.

1.  Those brown, crunchie things all over the ground (dried leaves) – definition: something that might taste good.

2.  Those tall green thingies (bushes) – definition: my favorite place to pee.

3.  Those gray clumps of stringy thingies (Spanish moss that has fallen from trees) – definition: my second favorite place to pee.

4.  That delicious-smelling pile of gooey stuff that makes Mom yell “leave it!” (three-day-old roadkill) – definition: something that definitely will taste good… READ MORE


And those promised Christmas carols (some for fun, some more serious) …


Yes, I LOVE a cappella!

And my all-time favorite!

We are on hiatus until 1/2/2018!!


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