Stick-to-Your Ribs Weather

by Kassandra Lamb (on behalf of the whole gang) As the weather gets cooler (and yes, it’s even cooler down here in Florida now), one has the urge to eat something hot and filling, and then curl up with a good book by the fire. We’ve got the good books covered for you (see below 🙂 ), so for this month’s group post, we thought we’d share some of our fave cold-weather/Halloween recipes. We even have drinks and dessert. First up, K.B. Owen with a cocktail (a nonalcoholic drink recipe is at the end).   At Halloween, candy corn inspires a lot of things, from traffic cones to socks…   But this is the first time I’ve heard of a candy corn drink. Sounds yummy! Kathy’s Candy Corn Shooters Pour 1/3 oz Galliano liquer into a shot glass. Carefully pour 1/3 oz orange curacao on top, so it floats. Top off with 1/3 oz whipping cream. Now for the main course (before we get too plastered)… Kassandra’s Shrimp* Jambalaya Like my protagonist, Kate Huntington, I’m not much of a cook, but even I can use a slow cooker. Here’s my favorite version of jambalaya, made with shrimp! (I looove … Continue reading Stick-to-Your Ribs Weather