Picture of serial killer, Yed Bundy

Sometimes Truth is Stranger than Fantasy

by Kassandra Lamb

Today, I’m over at Marcy Kennedy’s cyber-home, talking about how Truth is sometimes stranger than any fantasy an author can make up. Check it out!

Picture of serial killer, Yed Bundy

Serial killer, Ted Bundy, SMILING as he leaves the Leon County, Fla. Courthouse where he was just convicted of  murder, 1979 (from The Florida Memory Project–CC-BY-SA 3.0 Wikimedia Commons)

When Marcy graciously invited me to guest post on her blog (thanks so much, Marcy!), I wondered what the heck I would write about since I write traditional mysteries and thrillers, not fantasy or sci-fi like she does.

Then I asked myself, why is it that I don’t write fantasy? (BTW, I talk to myself a lot.) The answer came back that it’s because I’ve seen so much weird, surreal stuff on this planet during my years as a psychotherapist. In my newly released thriller, I explore one of the most surreal phenomena on the Earth plane–the serial killer.

A few weeks ago I posted about psychopaths. They are totally self-centered thrill seekers who feel little or no empathy, remorse or fear. Pretty scary folks!

Unfortunately, psychopaths (i.e. those who have antisocial personality disorder–the official diagnosis) make up 3% of males and 1% of females in the U.S. and at least 1.7% of the Canadian population. Fortunately, only a very small percentage of psychopaths become serial killers.

An FBI Symposium in 2008 attempted to come up with a simple definition of serial murder…  READ MORE

This Thursday, 12/4, I’m over at Jen Jensen’s place, talking about The Story Behind the Story

Next Tuesday, 12/9, I wind up my blog tour back here at home with Are Psychopaths Born or Made?

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