You Know You’re a Mystery Fan If…

Hi, everyone! It’s Kathy, bringing you a Just for Fun post today.

I’m assuming you’re over here at misterio press because you love mystery stories, right?  Me too!  But have you ever wondered exactly what separates us mystery fans from “normal” folks?  Here are a few items to consider, under the heading of:

You Know You’re a Mystery Fan If…
1.  You know the 10 Rules of Golden Age Detective fiction.
2.  You know that Hercule Poirot was Belgian, not French.
3.  Should you ever meet a butler, you would be on your guard.  (Because “the butler did it” is such a cliche that it could now work in reverse, right?)
4.  You’ve played so many games of Clue that you have to erase old character/weapon/ room grids because you’ve run out of them (but first you relive your brilliant victories)

Clue game

Hasbros’ Clue, Classic Edition, sold by Winning Moves on

5.  You endlessly watched episodes of Scooby Doo when you were a kid. Like, groovy, man.
6.  You now make your children watch re-runs of Scooby Doo on Cartoon Network.
7.  If you could ever do a police ride-along, it would be with Lieutenant Columbo.
8.  You bring the complete Sherlock Holmes collection of stories with you to college.
9.  (from the Facebook crowd):

comments from my FB friends

…sometimes I worry about these folks.

10.  You avoid:  large, gloomy mansions in the midst of thunderstorms; invitations to remote islands by an unknown benefactor; and having sex with your boyfriend after the kids you’re babysitting have gone to sleep (oops, sorry, that’s the one in horror movies).
11.  You celebrate your 10-year wedding anniversary by going on a murder mystery weekend (hey, hubby had fun, too!)
12.  And finally, you know you’re a mystery fan if you own one (or more) of the following:




You like to snuggle up under your crime scene throw to watch NCIS or Criminal Minds.




target alarm clock

Lock n Load Alarm Clock (sold by Loveseason on


You literally shoot your alarm clock every morning to get it to shut up.






You then take a shower with the help of this heart-thumping bathroom decor:





bloody footprints bath mat

bath mat (sold by Spinning Hat on









You’ve equipped your kitchen with the brass knuckle meat tenderizer and…

time bomb kitchen timer

(sold on





….the time bomb kitchen timer!

And you send your kids to school with sandwiches wrapped in these:

 crime scene sandwich bags

(sold by Accoutrements on

 So, how do you show your love of mysteries?  Tell us about it!  We’d love to hear about the demented fun things you do for your passion.

Posted by Kathy Owen (aka K.B. Owen). Kathy is a recovering former English professor with a PhD in 19th century British literature, and the author of Dangerous and Unseemly, A Concordia Wells mystery. She is currently raising three boys and working on Books 2 and 3 in the Concordia Wells mystery series.

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14 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Mystery Fan If…

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  2. shannon esposito

    Wow, I have to get those police line sandwich baggies! Too cool. I just found out about a murder mystery train ride, dinner thing near us that I’m looking for an excuse to go on. And of course, I have turned my boys into Scooby Doo fans. Mystery fan… check. 🙂

    1. K.B. Owen Post author

      Aren’t those cool? I have a feeling, though, that our local school system wouldn’t find them so funny, alas.

    1. K.B. Owen Post author

      I know, right? Then you can really channel the aggression. World peace through brass knuckle meat tenderizers! 😉

  3. Gloria Richard Author

    YUP! The Police Line sandwich wraps are a must.

    Oooooh! And, the brass knuckle meat tenderizers. The next time The Hubster wanders into the kitchen asked when dinner will be ready, I can turn with those in my hand, and he’ll disappear.

    Double Duty! I bet they’d smoosh garlic like nobody’s business. No vampires in MY kitchen.

  4. K.B. Owen Post author

    LOL, Gloria, I try not to get hubster to disappear from the kitchen. He knows when he asks about dinner, he’ll be put to work. I’m thinking about the sandwich wrap bags, but our school system doesn’t really have a sense of humor. 🙁

    So glad you stopped by!

  5. Nancy Levine

    What a fun post! I love the bomb timer — LOL! The sandwich bags are pretty cool, too. I show my love of mysteries by reading them. And a lady at work and I get audio books out of the library that are usually mysteries or thrillers and we exchange them.


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