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Contest Winner!

And the winner of the misterio press contest for a free three-book set of the Kate Huntington Mystery series is Coleen Patrick!

 Congratulations, Coleen!

And thank you to everyone who hosted, participated and commented on Kassandra Lamb’s blog hop this week. We hope you had as much fun as we did!

Welcome to Our Release Party & Contest!!!

Normally we don’t blog about our books here at misterio press, but we make an exception when
a new one is coming out. In celebration of the release of Family Fallacies, A Kate Huntington
Mystery, by Kassandra Lamb, we present:

Ghosts, Part II: Can Ghosts get Jealous?

So you might be wondering why I’m so fascinated by ghosts lately. Or perhaps that’s just my
narcissistic fantasy that you care what I’m thinking. 🙂

I’m dwelling on the subject lately, because I think my new Kate Huntington mystery is haunted.
But I’m not sure.

And neither is Kate. You see, she talks to her dead husband in her head, but she’s not sure who’s
talking back, his spirit, or her own imagination. Or maybe she’s just going crazy. Although she’s
pretty sure that’s not it, and she’s a psychotherapist, so she knows about crazy.

At first she was scripting both sides of the conversation, making up what her dearly departed was
saying back to her. But then something shifted. He started saying things that took her by surprise,
and then he started initiating some of their conversations. *theme from Twilight Zone plays*
Now I can relate to Kate’s experience of something taking over in your head. Because I never
intended to write a ghost into my books. He just kind of evolved in the first book of the series.
That happens a lot for writers. You think you are writing a story and then, when you get up to get
a snack, the characters take over. Sometimes even the dead ones!

In Book 1, talking to her beloved Eddie in her head helps Kate cope and keeps her sane.
Problems arise in Book 2 when she starts to feel attracted to another man. She tries to discuss
her feelings about this new guy with Eddie and discovers that, on this subject, he’s a clam.
(Visualize Casper the Friendly Ghost, back turned to you in a huff.)

By Book 3, she’s got a definite problem. She’s falling in love with this new guy, and whenever
they’re in the same room, the air between them sizzles. They’re getting to know each other better
as “friends,” but they’ve had to implement the four-foot rule to avoid temptation. The new guy’s
trying to be a patient man, and he’s already head over tin cups in love with Kate, so from his
perspective, he doesn’t have much choice but to wait until she’s finished grieving for her dead
husband. Little does he know, he’s not just in competition with a memory, but with a ghost.
Kate consults with Eddie on a regular basis about her problems. The only one he won’t discuss
is what she should do about the new guy. Whenever she brings him up, she gets the silent

Meanwhile mysterious stuff is happening to Kate (after all, this is a mystery series). Among
other things, anonymous threatening notes and a dead person (a new one, not just the one in her
head), and this time she’s one of the suspects!

Here’s the bottom line. Living men can hold you, and help you protect your child. Dead men
can’t! Will Eddie bow out graciously? After all, when he was alive, he was “the sweetest man
who ever lived!”

Kassandra’s Hop Around the Blogs and Contest!

To celebrate the release of Family Fallacies, A Kate Huntington Mystery (book 3), we’re holding
a contest all this week.

Everyone who comments here will be entered to win a free three-book set of the Kate
Huntington Mystery series!

 If you also comment at one or more of Kassandra’s blog stops in her blog hop this week, you will be entered again, and again and again (one entry per blog for a maximum of six). Please make sure your comment is relevant to the blog, however, or you risk the displeasure of my hosts and they may delete your comment.

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